Tenant Voice Panel

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At Hilldale we believe that effective customer engagement is key to understanding how we can improve the experience of living in our homes.

In January, we launched our new Tenants Voice Panel. The purpose of the panel is to drive our future service improvements forward using their experiences and knowledge.

The Tenant Voice Panel (or TVP as we are calling it for short) is made up of two parents of Hilldale tenants from different areas of the country and 3 tenants who live together in another one of our Schemes.

The Tenant Voice Panel met with our Customer Engagement Manager to discuss policies and how we increase customer feedback and satisfaction by having more meaningful conversations.

The first panel meeting was a success and our new complaints policy, damp and mould policy and the processes to sit alongside these were approved. Moving forward we will share the Feedback from our TVP on our website and in our newsletters.

Our next meeting will be held in March and we will discuss; what our tenants priorities for safety are, how we allocate our properties and how we publish our performance to our tenants.

We would like to hear more from you so if you are a Hilldale tenant, parent or advocate of a tenant and would like to join our panel please email us at hello@hilldale.org.uk or call us on 01257 367 374

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