Hilldale HA

Empowering Lives Through Quality Housing and Support

The sole purpose of our existence is to provide high quality housing to people who need additional support.

We  provide homes for people who need help to live more independently, in their own home, in their own community and who would otherwise have difficulty finding a home elsewhere.

We offer homes for life, or for as long as tenants need and want our services.

Hilldale HA

Change Housing Group

In November 2020 Hilldale took the decision to move into the Change Housing Group. Since that time, it has been supporting Hilldale to deliver its transformational plan and ensure all the Regulatory requirements are being met.

The Group has 4 key objectives

  • Delivering great Customer experience
  • Safe decent and sustainable places for people to live
  • Growth, because we grow in resilience and influence as we get bigger
  • Strong foundations – financial, governance and compliance

The Board of Change is made up of 2 Board members from each of Hilldale and Quays (its subsidiaries) alongside 2 from the main parent group Foursynergy.

Hilldale obtains services from the Group in the areas of Asset Management (including repairs), Finance, Customer engagement, Human Resources, Performance information and systems and ICT. The detail of each service is included in a Service Level Agreement that is reviewed annually for value for money.

Our journey towards a brighter future

Hilldale was established in 2009 recognising that there was a gap for accommodation with support to meet the needs of people in Wigan. Since becoming a registered provider in 2013 the organisation has grown quickly, and the experience of Hilldale and its housing and care solutions has been used in many Local Authority areas to meet demand. Those bespoke housing solutions now provide Tenancies for over 1000 people who benefit from the high-quality accommodation and wrap around support. We now work across 58 local authorities.
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Hilldale HA

Our Services and Specialised Support

We acquire accommodation through a long lease model where funders and head landlords provide the buildings and we enter a lease to use the building, offer homes for life that we then manage and maintain.

As a Registered Provider of specialised supported housing (SSH) our housing management goes above and beyond what traditional landlords do ensuring that when people have challenging behaviours, we can work with partners to ensure that the tenancy remains sustainable, and the support needed is provided to achieve that.

We live by our values, our tenants are at the heart of what we do


We do what we say we will do.

We never mislead.

We acknowledge mistakes, fix them, and learn from them


We care about Hilldale, our customers and colleagues.

We take time to understand people’s individual needs.

We want to share and celebrate changes in people’s lives.


We do not hide from our responsibilities as individuals, a team or as a business.

We build trusted relationships.

We offer value for money.


We treat everyone with respect and dignity.

We value and actively encourage diversity.

We put customers and communities at the heart of all we do.

We want to look after our planet.


We are one team.

We share goals, ambitions, and targets.

We are committed to strong leadership.

Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

The Board that have been in place now since October 2020 have overseen significant change to the organisation. In its review of skills and experience the Board has expanded its membership to include strategic Asset Management.

Our Business Strategy
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Our Business Strategy

The Hilldale Business strategy 2023-26 sets out our areas of focus for the next 3 years which will enable us to fulfil our purpose which is to provide high quality housing to people who need additional support.

Annual Tenant Report
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Annual Tenant Report

Communicating with our tenants is a priority to us and we know it’s important to you too to hear about what we have been doing and our plans for the year ahead including how we are investing your rent.